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Klavuu 너리싱 케어 립 슬리핑 팩

The lip sleeping pack helps to keep your lips feel moist and smooth by 3 types of high nutritional vegetable oil. Contains 3 kinds of high-hydrated oils which are effective for your lip care making your lips silky.

20g / 0.70oz

$15.00 $11.25
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3가지 고영양 식물성 오일이 입술을 촉촉하고 매끈하게 케어해주는 립 슬리핑 팩. 립케어에 효과적인 3종의 고보습 오일이 매끈한 입술로 가꾸어줍니다.
Klavuu-lip-sleeping-1.jpg Klavuu-lip-sleeping-2.jpg Klavuu-lip-sleeping-3.jpg Klavuu-lip-sleeping-4.jpg

How To Use

Before bed, apply to your lips and surrounding regions that are prone to fine lines.

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너리싱 케어 립 슬리핑 팩
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