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MISSHA 파라핀 히팅 핸드 마스크

Special mask with lavender scent for hand to help moisturize and soften rough and dry hands with warm heat.

Hand care with high nutrition & rich moisture essence / Absorb nutrition by thermal effect / Comfortable rest with aroma scent

2 pcs

$4.00 $2.95
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따뜻한 온열로 거칠고 건조한 손에 보습과 부드러움을 더해주는 라벤더 향의 핸드 전용 마스크.

고영양 고보습 에센스의 핸드케어 / 온열효과로 영양흡수 / 아로마 향으로 편안한 휴식

Skin Concern


How To Use

1. Wash off your hands and dry thoroughly.

2. Separate the hand mask along the dotted line and put them on.

3. After 15-20 minutes, remove the hand mask and let left over essence be fully absorbed by patting lightly.

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파라핀 히팅 핸드 마스크
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