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It's Skin 모공 클렌징 실크볼

Silk-made finger ball resembles the cocoons of silkworms and contains the natural protein ceracin that helps minimize moisture loss while providing natural and gently exfoliating skin. Soak the ball first in lukewarm water for up to 3 minutes.


실크로 만든 핑거볼은 누에고치를 닮았으며 천연 단백질 세라신이 함유되어 수분 손실을 최소화하고 자연스럽고 부드럽게 각질을 제거해줍니다. 먼저 미지근한 물에 볼을 최대 3분 동안 담급니다.

How To Use

Use the softened ball on fingertips and gently massage face. Wash the ball and let dry. Each ball is reusable 2-3 times but it is advised to use only 1-2 times a week.

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모공 클렌징 실크볼
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