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Klavuu 퓨어 펄세이션 피에이치 앤 밸런싱 퀵 클렌징 패드

Cleanse, refresh, moisturize and handy in one! Easy & Quick deep cleansing. PH balancing quick cleansing pad contains Korean pearl extract to help you cleansing your make-up and even micro-dusts.

100 pads



클렌징, 리프레쉬, 보습을 하나로! 쉽고 빠른 딥클렌징. PH 밸런싱 퀵 클렌징 패드는 한국산 진주 추출물이 함유되어 메이크업은 물론 미세먼지까지 말끔하게 클렌징해줍니다.
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How To Use

1. Wipe your skin with make-up with the pad embossing printed side.
2. Give your skin moisture with the soft side of the pad.
3. Wash your face with warm water.

Rating & Reviews

퓨어 펄세이션 피에이치 앤 밸런싱 퀵 클렌징 패드
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