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innisfree 스키니 마이크로카라 제로 - 2 브라운

This teensy-tiny micro-brush finds and coats even your smallest lashes from base to tip with waterproof formula.
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이 초소형 마이크로 브러시는 워터프루프 포뮬러로 가장 작은 속눈썹도 베이스부터 팁까지 찾아 코팅합니다.

How To Use

1. Starting at the roots of the eyelashes, apply by pressing firmly and moving upward in a zigzag fashion.
2. Hold the brush vertically to thoroughly apply onto the short eyelashes in the front and back.
3. Thoroughly apply onto the under lashes for even more wide-eyed and refreshed look.

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스키니 마이크로카라 제로 - 2 브라운
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