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Skinfood 소프트 속눈썹 뷰러

A soft eyelash curler that gently creates natural wavy curls Its slim frame and soft silicone pad curl your eyelashes and complete natural curls without folding The curvature of its frame is perfect for Asian eyes, and creates R-curls and sharper eye makeup
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부드럽게 자연스러운 웨이브 컬을 연출해주는 소프트 뷰러 슬림한 프레임과 부드러운 실리콘 패드가 속눈썹을 컬링하여 접힘 없이 자연스러운 컬을 완성 동양인의 눈에 잘 맞는 프레임의 곡률로 더욱 선명한 R컬과 또렷한 아이메이크업 연출

How To Use

Position and squeeze the curler starting from the root of eyelashes to the end. Repeat curling until you achieve the desired curl.

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소프트 속눈썹 뷰러
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