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MegRhythm 스팀 굿나잇 넥 패치 - 무향 - 12개입 1박스

This patch pleasantly warms the "comfort point" on your neck with gentle steam at 40℃ to give you a sense of deep relaxation. Recommended for you when you want to wind down before bed.


40℃의 부드러운 스팀으로 목의 "컴포트 포인트"를 기분 좋게 따뜻하게 데워 깊은 휴식을 선사하는 패치입니다. 잠들기 전 긴장을 풀고 싶을 때 추천합니다.

How To Use

Remove the patch from pouch and immediately apply it directly to the base of the neck.
When the patch cools, remove slowly by peeling from one edge.
Remove perspiration and moisture from the skin and stick the patch on dry skin firmly.
Patches are liable to fall off if they are repeatedly removed and reapplied.
Be careful not to tangle hair.
Hair is less likely to get tangled if tied or pinned up before applying the patch.
Removal of the patch before sleeping is recommended, to avoid tangling hair.

Rating & Reviews

스팀 굿나잇 넥 패치 - 무향 - 12개입 1박스
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