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Skinfood 스킨팩용 타이트티슈

Tightly fits skin with even small amount of toner. Thick but not fluffy, less skin irritation, can be used for multiple purposes.

60 sheets



소량의 토너로도 피부에 쫀쫀하게 밀착됩니다. 도톰하지만 푹신하지 않고, 피부자극이 적고, 다용도 사용이 가능합니다.

How To Use

1. Pour a smaller amount of toner than usual on a cotton pad and wipe onto your face starting from the inner areas of your face moving to the outer areas following your skin texture.__

2. Gently pat your skin using the back of the cotton pad to help toner be absorbed into the skin.

3. Apply more toner or serum on the cotton pad, cut the cotton pad following the dotted line and place it on forehead, undereye areas, or chin as a cotton mask.__

*You can separate the cotton pad after cutting to use the cotton mask with a single layer, or you can use the cotton pad with a double layer before cutting

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스킨팩용 타이트티슈
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