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Inexpensive home self-bleaching.  Hair dye consist of mixing agents 1 and 2. It does not flow or bounce for clean and easy self-hair bleaching. In a short period of time provide partial pr complete hair dis-colorization.


저렴한 가정용자가 표백. 염색약은 1제와 2제의 혼합제로 구성되어 있습니다. 흘러내리거나 튀지 않아 깔끔하고 간편한 셀프 탈색이 가능합니다. 짧은 시간에 부분적인 완전한 모발 변색을 제공합니다.

에이프릴스킨 턴업 블리치

How To Use

Before use mix the agents 1 and 2 well and apply evenly to the hair.
Leave for 20 minutes (less or more depending on the result),
rinse well with lukewarm water and wash thoroughly with shampoo.

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