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A by BOM 울트라 세럼 리프 마스크

$4.00 $1.50
It tightly infuses skin with the power of plant energy. Contain high-concentrated serum essence. The high-concentrated serum sufficiently nourishes your skin! “More intensive skincare by serum that contains plant energy


식물 에너지의 힘으로 피부를 촘촘하게 채워줍니다. 고농축 세럼 에센스 함유. 피부에 영양을 충분히 공급하는 고농축 세럼! “식물 에너지를 담은 세럼으로 더욱 집중적으로 케어
세럼리프-1 세럼리프-2

How To Use

Take out the mask and place on a cleansed face. Make sure mask fits well onto skin and your face line. Leave on 10~20 minutes, then remove mask. And gently massage any remaining essence into your skin.

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