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Skinfood 유자 워터 세럼

Concentrated moisture! Basic skin care routine full of moisture that has no time to become dry. Contains yuja extract and moisturizing yuja oil from uncontaminated Goheung city. Concentrated moisturizing serum that deeply hydrates skin.

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집중 수분! 건조할 틈 없는 수분 가득한 기초 스킨케어 루틴.
오염되지 않은 고흥시의 유자추출물과 촉촉한 유자오일 함유 피부 깊숙이 수분을 공급하는 고농축 수분 세럼.

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How To Use

After toner application, apply the product to the entire face using hands.

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유자 워터 세럼
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