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Skinfood 유자 워터 화이트닝 앰플 인 세럼

Whitening synergy ampoule. Contains yuja extract and moisturizing yuja oil from uncontaminated Goheung city. Moisturizing whitening synergy ampoule effective for treating freckles.

1.48 fl.oz

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화이트닝 시너지 앰플. 오염되지 않은 고흥시의 유자추출물과 촉촉한 유자오일 함유 주근깨 케어에 효과적인 수분 미백 시너지 앰플

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How To Use

After toner application, massage 1 to 2 drops on the entire face by popping the capsules.

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유자 워터 화이트닝 앰플 인 세럼
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