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HERA Black Cushion SPF 34 / PA++

This cushion foundation offers lightweight full coverage with seamless blending, non-caking matte finish and color without darkening for over 24 hours long lasting make up look.

15g X 2

$66.00 $54.99
16% Off


NEW Layerless Matte
Super blendable Layerless formula
It applies in a thin layer of full coverage that imperceptibly blends into the skin
and sets into a flawless matte finish

24H High-end Stay
It ensures the four properties of coverage—seamless blending, full coverage,
non-caking matte finish and color without darkening—
for over 24 hours to give the perfect lasting makeup look.

*94% effectiveness of foundation not being transferred to face masks (transfer-proof effect)

How To Use

Take an adequate amount using the puff and gently dab onto the face at the foundation step of your makeup after basic skincare.

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