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Foodology Coleology Tea Hobby Escape, 15 Pouches

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This pomegranate-flavored health functional tea contains ginkgo leaf extract that can help improve your memory function and blood circulation. This add-to-water tea can be taken as cold and hot - just add to 300-500 mL of water.

8000 mg x 15 Pouch 

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  • Tastes like delicious pomegranate juice that's refreshingly sour and sweet.
  • Helps energize your body and improve your health for inner beauty.

Featured ingredients
Coleus Forskohlii extract can help reduce body fat.
Ginkgo leaf extract can help improve memories and blood circulation.

How To Use

Take a stick with water, once daily.

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Coleology Tea Hobby Escape, 15 Pouches
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