Bouquet Garni Fabric Perfume - Black Cherry

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Long-lasting rich fabric fragrance based on thoughtfully-chosen premium flavors is created by special fragrance decanting engineering method. Bouquet Garni's black cherry fragrance is sweet and fruity scent blended with powder fragrance.
2 X 500ml / 16.9 Fl.oz

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Perfect odor eliminator
The fabric perfume has effective odor removing effect that changes unpleasant clothing and bed clothes immediately, turning into fresh and new products.

No harmful substances
As fabric perfume is mainly used for bedding and stroller which is inevitably touched with the skin, it has completed a skin irritation test with zero-irritation result.

How To Use

Spray 3~4 times at a distance of 20~30cm from the place where fragrance or deodorization is required (5~10 times if necessary)
Use clothes immediately after drying or using a dryer to feel more fragrant and fresh clothes.
A wide and evenly sprayed spray is evenly absorbed throughout the fiber.

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Fabric Perfume - Black Cherry
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