Frownies Forehead & Between Eyes Wrinkle Patches, 144 Patches

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Frownies Facial Patches are a wrinkle smoothing patches act to form a cast for the facial muscles, holding them flat and smooth, preventing expressions that cause wrinkles or helping to release tension and lift deep expression lines

144 Patches

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  • For Wrinkles on the Forehead & Between Eyes
  • Smooth Wrinkles While You Sleep!
  • Dramatically Soften Expression Lines
  • Look Younger by Relaxing Facial Muscles

Natural Weighted Unbleached Craft Paper: The paper is unbleached and colored to create a specific weight. Paper can also be cut and tailored to your specific shape and needs. We have tested a variety of materials and paper is the safest and healthiest for the skin on the face. Because silicone is a common allergen, we maintain no silicones.

Dextrin based adhesive: has been proven to be hypo allergenic by decades of faithful customers, and has been used by many gluten sensitive people. If you have sensitive skin we recommend you test the patch on your inner wrist the first night to see if your skin reacts in any way.

Product Type

Wrinkle Patches

Skin Concern

Firming, Wrinkle-care

How To Use

SEPARATE AND SMOOTH the wrinkle or crease
MOISTEN Patches on the shiny side with Rose Water Hydrator
APPLY moistened Frownies facial patches over the smoothed line.
LEAVE on at least 3 hours preferably over night.
REMOVE patch by wetting to release adhesive.
TREAT area with Frownies Moisturizer before and after patching.

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Forehead & Between Eyes Wrinkle Patches, 144 Patches
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