Delight Project Garlic Butter Bagel Chip

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A crispy, light snack of thinly sliced plain bagel, garlic buttered and baked.

260kcal / 60g



  • Has a savory garlic butter flavor
  • Nutritious and flavorful and can be enjoyed by the whole family


70.8% Bagel [Wheat Flour (Wheat: USA, Canada), Yellow Cheese Flavored Seasoning [Starch Syrup, Palm Oil (Indonesia), Processed Whey 1 {Processed Whey (Korea), Whey Powder (Dairy: USA, France, Czech Republic)}, Refined Salt, Cheese Powder {Cheese Powder (Denmark), Disodium Phosphate}], Sugar, Salt {Sea Salt (Australia, Korea)}, Malt Powder], Sugar, 8.6% Processed Butter [(New Zealand), Anhydrous Milk Fat Fatty Acid, Cream, Cooking Oil {Palm Oil (Indonesia), Canola Oil (Australia)}, Butter Flavored Paste (Anhydrous Milk Fat, Lipase), D-Tocopherol (Mixed-Soy Bean)], 2.2% Cheese Flavored Seasoning [White Cheddar Seasoning [USA / Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Cheese Analogue, Dextrin, Casein, Whey, Blue Cheese], Caster Sugar, Butter

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Garlic Butter Bagel Chip
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