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Mizline Mizline Leg Beauty Let's Diet Leggings

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A way to show off your legs' beauty with a simple wear! Now, create your slim lines easily without any hard diet.

Color: Black
Size: FREE
Height: 150cm-175cm
Hip Girth: 85-100cm

$25.00 $6.99
72% Off


Leg Beauty Let's Diet leggins is a diet wear of a new concept containing patented functional powder that help you reduce body fat because the far infrared heat stimulates body fat and promotes blood circulation. In addition, the product contains antimicrobial Phytoncide authorized by Food and Drug Administration so that it is effective for treatment, deodorization, and stress relief.

How To Use

Roll lower part of the product and wear it by slowly moving it up. Put hands inside the product and straightens hip area and line.

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Mizline Leg Beauty Let's Diet Leggings
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