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BIO HEAL BOH Probioderm Lifting Massager

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The Probioderm Lifting Massager is a beauty device designed for all-over lifting and elastic care. With three-step care, it offers a gentle, cool full body massage that reloads lost energy. Its one roller, two protrusions, and three curves provide targeted massage to the eye area, mouth area, chin, scalp, arms, and legs - helping to reduce tension and fatigue, while improving firmness and radiance.
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  • Helps release tension in the face.
  • Improves appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing blood flow.
  • Decreases skin puffiness.

How To Use

With 1 roller, 2 protrusions, and 3 curves, it can be used on the entire body, from the eyes and mouth to the chin and scalp, as well as the arms and legs, which require delicate and meticulous care.

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Probioderm Lifting Massager
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