G9SKIN Self Aesthetic Silky Hair Mask - 1 Sheet

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Providing nutrients to your dry hair and makes them healthy and elastic, with long-lasting flower scent.
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Damaged hair care + high nutrient + moisture treatment + steam care effect home aesthetic hair care mask.

The hair mask contains Honey Extract, Egg Yolk Extract, and Olive Oil for home care recipe. It improves Hair Softness & Texture. Restores a healthy look & natural shine.

How To Use

1. Shampoo your hair, and dry up.

2. Place the hair-cap around your head. If you have a long hair than the cap, just roll up to fit it in.

3. Fix with stickers so that the cap can firmly be attached

4. Gently massage excess treatment until fully absorbed.

5. After 15 ~30 minutes, take off the cap, then wash off with lukewarm water.

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Self Aesthetic Silky Hair Mask - 1 Sheet
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