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REVLON Colorstay 眉毛慕斯(色号:Soft Black)

Get natural definition that lasts up to 24 hours with this tinted brow mousse that grooms, sets, and softly colors with a few simple swipes.

2.2ml / 0.07 fl.oz

$15.42 $9.81
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  • 为中等到浓密的眉毛提供无结块、自然轮廓的外观
  • 我们的 One Twist Brow Styler™(我们的涂抹器的奇特名称)可同时修饰和定型眉毛(这样您就可以继续您的生活!)
  • 佩戴长达 24 小时,不会弄脏或弄脏
  • 这款搅打好的防水眉毛轻盈透气,非常顺滑
  • 单独使用,或将慕斯涂抹在眉笔或眉粉上,打造更饱满、更清晰的妆容

How To Use

Gently twist the base of the pen to move the formula into the brow brush
Brush the eyebrow mousse over your brows, moving upward and outward, to tame, tint, and add fullness

Rating & Reviews

Colorstay 眉毛慕斯(色号:Soft Black)