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rom&nd 胜过眼睛

Eye shadow palette with four harmonious shades ranging from matte to glittery enables versatile eye makeup from everyday wear to special occasions. The smooth and fine particles create a defined look and are infused with oil-blotting ingredients for prolonged wear.


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  • 一款四色眼影盘,有珊瑚色、粉色和棕色,灵感来自干花。
  • 这款眼影盘包含 4 种丰富的华丽哑光和闪粉色调,非常适合日常到特殊眼妆。
  • 质地丝滑的精致颗粒带来均匀的色彩效果,遮盖细纹而不结块,打造光滑、锐利的眼妆。
  • 吸油眼影可控制皮脂,令妆容一整天持久、整洁。

How To Use

Apply directly onto eyelid using a blending brush or sponge tip. To produce a more iridescent effect and minimize fallout, use fingertip to pat color onto eyelid.

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