O HUI 至尊白特价套装


O HUI Extreme White skincare line helps purify damaged skin to radiant skin with resilience. Brighten skin tone up with formula that enriched with Vitamin.

Set includes:
Extreme White Skin Softener 150ml + 20ml
Extreme White Emulsion 130ml + 20ml
Clear Science Moisturizing Shampoo 40ml
Clear Science Moisturizing Conditioner 40ml
Miracle Moisture Cleansing Foam 40ml
Miracle Moisture Skin Pad Special Kit 1 each

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极致美白柔肤水 150ml + 20ml
极致美白乳液 130ml + 20ml
Clear Science 保湿洗发水 40ml
Clear Science 保湿护发素 40ml
奇迹保湿洁面泡沫 40ml
Miracle Moisture Skin Pad 特别套装 1 件

How To Use

Use the products according to your daily skincare routine. Apply a moderate amount on face along skin texture and dab for better absorption.

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