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DEWYTREE 三效洁面纸 - 100 片

3 effect cleansing tissue removes waterproof make-up speedy & perfectly, leaving your skin moisturized. Collagen and aloe extracts gently remove dead skin cells to create smooth skin.


3 效清洁纸巾可快速完美地去除防水化妆品,让您的皮肤保持湿润。胶原蛋白和芦荟提取物温和去除死皮细胞,打造光滑肌肤。

How To Use

Leave it on waterproof make-up area for a while and wipe out gently. Wipe over the face following skin texture and cleanse the face with lukewarm water. Keep it closed after using to prevent the content from evaporating.

Rating & Reviews

三效洁面纸 - 100 片