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Skinfood 芦荟舒缓凝胶 93%

Aloe vera leaf extract containing 93%! 

SKINFOOD Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 93% is a multi-soothing cooling gel that refreshes fatigued skin. A multi Soothing Gel soothes the tired skin to cool.

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SKINFOOD 芦荟舒缓凝胶 93% 是一种多重舒缓的清凉凝胶,可使疲劳的皮肤恢复活力。多重舒缓凝胶可舒缓疲倦的肌肤,使其凉爽。

How To Use

Apply liverally to face and other skin areas that need soothing moisture relief. Pat gently for fast absorption. Apply frequently to calm skin hot and reddened from sun exposure.

Rating & Reviews

芦荟舒缓凝胶 93%