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goodal 黑炭面膜 Sparkling Clear - 1 片

The wash-off black carbonation mask removes impurities and stubborn dead skin cells with simmering micro bubbles and tidies up rough skin texture with carbonated water from Chojeong-ri village Lime, Lemon, Apple, Orange and Grape gently remove stubborn dead.
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洗净型黑色碳酸面膜通过沸腾的微气泡去除杂质和顽固死皮细胞,并使用草井里村的碳酸水整理粗糙的皮肤纹理 青柠、柠檬、苹果、橙子和葡萄温和去除顽固死皮。


googal Black Charoal 面膜

How To Use

When carbonated bubbles appear after applying the sheet mask to the skin, remove the mask and fully massage skin with the remaining bubbles. Wash off with lukewarm water.

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黑炭面膜 Sparkling Clear - 1 片