Steambase 黑糖强效修复面膜 - 1 片

A special 3-step home care for rough and dry skin that clears up the stratum corneum and hydrates skin with one sheet mask.
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针对粗糙和干燥皮肤的特殊 3 步家庭护理,只需一张面膜即可清除角质层并为皮肤补水。


Skin Concern


How To Use

1. Insert a finger into the clear pad and sweep along the skin texture.
2. After taking the sheet mask from packaging and squarely adhering to the skin, let sit for 15-20 minutes. Lightly pat the remaining essence into the skin to aid absorption.
3. Dispense a fair amount of eye cream and gently apply onto the skin while patting to aid absorption.

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黑糖强效修复面膜 - 1 片