Sunduk Jeju Carrabiomex 毛孔紧致再平衡绿色柑橘泡泡包

An optimal recipe containing Jeju green mandarin extract, nourishes the skin and helps to calm it down. 4g X 12
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  • 帮助去除毛孔中的杂质
  • 帮助皮肤滋养和舒缓
  • 含有济州山茶花和蜂蜜提取物和专利成分

How To Use

1. Apply the product and cleanse it as if you are mass. 2. Wait for 2-3 minutes to let the bubbles act on the face to achieve a cleansing effect. When small bubbles are formed, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water 3. If left unattended for a long time, it may cause irritation to the skin, so rinse immediately after bubbles occur.

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Carrabiomex 毛孔紧致再平衡绿色柑橘泡泡包