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Paul Medison 洁面圈 - 2PCS

An innovative, one-step solution cleansing pad for makeup removal, using water only. Made with Paul Medison technology & patent microfiber to simply yet effectively remove makeup. (pack of 2)
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一种创新的一步式卸妆清洁垫,仅用水。采用 Paul Medison 技术和专利超细纤维制成,可简单而有效地卸妆。 (2 件装)

• 非化学清洁剂,仅用水卸妆,最多可重复使用 200 次
• 纤维束比真人头发细 100 倍,可卸除和锁住彩妆
• 适合敏感肌肤的低过敏性清洁垫

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How To Use

1. Wet with warm/cold water and gently squeeze water, leaving moist enough to lightly wipe the face.
2. Hand wash with water after use. (can be used with soap or machine washing - Do Not use fabric softener)
*For heavy makeup, gently press down for 5~10 seconds and wipe away.

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洁面圈 - 2PCS