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Take two pills a day before going to bed to help your body to reduce fat and boost metabolism.  Main ingredients are Coleus Forskohlii extract, Vitamin B, Selenium, and Pantothenic acid which are essential sources of energy that can be lacking due to diet. They reduce body fat and help energy production, antioxidants, and protein metabolism.

600ml X 60 Tabs

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  • 成为减肥类最畅销产品,自推出以来已售出超过 1,360,000 件!!
  • Coleus Forskohlii 提取物可以帮助减少体内脂肪。
  • 含有 100% 的每日维生素(B1、B2 和 B6)和矿物质(泛酸、硒)摄入量,以补​​充饮食中可能缺失的营养。

How To Use

Take 2 pills with water before going to bed

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Cooleology Diet 60 片