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MUSTUS Daily Harvest 紧致提亮面膜 - 1 盒 5 片

Contains the Veggie Balance Yellow Complex consisting of corn, yuza, mango, pineapple and gold kiwi extracts, which brightens skin.
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包含由玉米、柚子、芒果、菠萝和黄金奇异果提取物组成的 Veggie Balance Yellow Complex,可提亮肤色。

Skin Concern


How To Use

1. Open the pouch, take the sheet. Find a fold at the 1/3 point and unfold upwards.
2. Hold the upper right part of the mask pack. Unfold from right to left.
3. Unfold both edges 01. right first. and 02. left second.
4. After washing and toning, place the mask on your face.
5. Remove 10-20 minutes later, Gently tap to make the remaining essence absorbed.

Rating & Reviews

Daily Harvest 紧致提亮面膜 - 1 盒 5 片