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Leaders 每日奇迹停止时钟

Daily Wonders Stop the Clock Anti-Aging Mask is easy to use and packed with a full bottle of skin-loving serum to give instant and long lasting results stop the clock.


Daily Wonders Stop the Clock 抗衰老面膜易于使用,并配有一整瓶亲肤精华液,可提供即时和持久的效果。


这款 SPA-in-a-sheet 面膜含有蓝莓和雪绒花提取物,可明显减少细纹和粗糙纹理。皮肤更年轻、更光滑、更紧致。可用于敏感皮肤类型,并经过皮肤科医生测试。

How To Use

Remove mask from pouch and gently unfold. Apply sheet mask to cleansed skin and smooth to fit contours of face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Discard mask and lightly pat face to help the serum absorb into skin

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