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Dariya Dariya Palty 泡泡包染发剂 - 肉桂油条

Dariya Palty Awapack Bubble Hair Color is an advanced, innovative hair coloring product which gives you glossy, shiny and outstanding results!


Dariya Palty Awapack 泡泡染发剂是一款先进的创新染发产品,可为您带来光泽、闪亮和出色的效果!它含有多种保湿成分,包括水果提取物、海藻提取物和蜂蜜,完全可以软化干燥的头发。它能产生柔软丰富的泡沫,可以深入发根,达到均匀亮白的效果。使用方便,颜色可保持 4 周*。


How To Use

1) Wear the attached gloves. Add hair solution (bottle 1) and hair coloring (bottle 2) into a cup.
2) Use attached brush to mix the solution and hair coloring for 20-40 times to create rich and soft foam.
3) Put some foam on hand and apply it to front, back & hair ends. Massage it gently so the foam can penetrate to the hair root and hard-to-reach area.
4) Leave the foam on your hair for 20~30minutes.
5) Rinse off thoroughly until the water runs clear (it should take less than a minute)
6) Use attached hair conditioner to coat your hair and rinse it off after 1-2 minutes.

Rating & Reviews

Dariya Palty 泡泡包染发剂 - 肉桂油条