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Kina 深层清洁去角质面膜 24K 金

A detoxifying peel off mask formulated with a unique blend of 11 skin-loving extracts and a golden boost that works to clarify skin of impurities, improve firmness and elasticity, and brighten the complexion.


一种排毒剥离面膜,由 11 种亲肤提取物和金色提亮剂的独特混合物配制而成,可净化肌肤杂质,改善紧致度和弹性,提亮肤色。

How To Use

Thoroughly cleanse face and dry

Apply the mask to desired areas (avoid eye, eyebrow, and lips)

Leave on for 20-25 minutes or till completely dried

Peel off mask starting from bottom – avoid pulling against skin

Gently massage your face and cleanse with warm water

Rating & Reviews

深层清洁去角质面膜 24K 金