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Dr Jart Dermask 紧致情人橡胶面膜 - 1 张

The rubber mask makes the skin tightened and lifted by Firming wrapping system, the ingredients which help the skin to be tightened make the skin feels lifted.


橡胶面膜通过Firming wrapping system紧致提拉肌肤

第 01 步:紧致密集安瓶包 - 紧致成分被皮肤轻轻吸收。


Step 02 : Firming Wrapping Rubber Mask - Firming & soothing rubber mask - 橡胶面膜可防止活性成分蒸发,舒缓肌肤。


dermask_rubber_mask_firming_1.jpg dermask_rubber_mask_firming_2.jpg

Skin Concern


How To Use

1. Apply the intensive ampoule pack onto the clean and dry face. 2. Strip the film liner away and apply rubber mask adjusting around the eyes and mouth. Do not overlap the upper and lower sheets. 3. Leave on for 30-40 minutes. Remove mask and gently pat remaining ampoule until fully absorbed.

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Dermask 紧致情人橡胶面膜 - 1 张