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16 Brand 眼睛杂志 - 每天

Mix & Match 2 colors in one step! Quick 3-second tuning makeup regardless of makeup skills.


一步混合搭配 2 种颜色! 3秒快速调妆,不管化妆技巧如何。
* Glam Coral 和 Cacao Brown 的每日双色调颜色可为您的眼睛增添深度,甚至能惊人地遮盖浮肿的眼睛!

How To Use

Evenly weep 2 colors onto the built-in brush. Gently and evenly apply from the inner corners of your eyelids outwards to create a natural gradient.

Rating & Reviews

眼睛杂志 - 每天