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OOZOO 面部注射面膜 - Hydro Lift

OOZOO Face Injection Mask - Hydro Lift which include a syringe full of beta-glucan, ceramide, and Ectoin-rich essence that one injects into the mask itself.


OOZOO 面部注射面膜 - Hydro Lift 包括一个注射器,里面装满了 β-葡聚糖、神经酰胺和富含 Ectoin 的精华,可以将其注入面膜本身。

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How To Use

*Please place Cannula side up when you remove cap from the injector. If you do Cannula side down, serum will flow out.

Step 1: Push the end of the syringe slightly to bring pressure.

Step 2: Lightly shake the syringe well to mix the serum.

Step 3: Inject the serum into the mask then apply the mask sheet onto the face. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes then remove.

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面部注射面膜 - Hydro Lift