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OOZOO 面部注射面膜 - 营养

Face Injection Mask - Nutrient cares healthy skin with elasticity by providing rich nutrition and strengthening the natural power of skin.



面部注射面膜 - Nutrient 通过提供丰富的营养和增强皮肤的自然力量,呵护健康弹性的皮肤。


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How To Use

*Please place Cannula side up when you remove cap from the injector. If you do Cannula side down, serum will flow out.

1. Push the button on the top of the syringe to mix the ampoule with the serum

2. Insert the syringe needle into the cap of the mask pouch and press the plunger all the way down to inject the mixing ampoule.

3. Pad pouch to soak the ampoule to mask.

4. Take out the mask and apply it onto face. Take it off 15-20 minutes later and let the remaining essence absorb by tapping and massaging face.

Rating & Reviews

面部注射面膜 - 营养