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Winky Lux 微光润唇膏 - Unicorn

Meet Glimmer Balm, the world's most beautiful balm. It applies on clear reacting with your skin's pH levels to create your perfect shade of pink infused with a touch of galactic glimmer. Like its older sister, Glimmer Balm features a yummy coconut scent in an updated pink and silver lip pill.


认识 Glimmer Balm,世界上最美丽的香膏。它适用于与皮肤的 pH 水平发生明显反应,创造出完美的粉红色调,注入一丝银河微光。和它的姐姐一样,Glimmer Balm 在更新的粉红色和银色唇膏中加入了美味的椰子香味。

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微光润唇膏 - Unicorn