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Skinfood Gold Caviar Collagen Plus 面膜霜

An at home, spa strength mask cream for firm, soft skin. This rich, anti-wrinkle cream features a higher concentrate of active ingredients to deliver targeted nutrition and moisture for firmer looking skin. Use as an overnight mask treatment for a softer, more radiant complexion.


含有 70.7% 的胶原蛋白

一款在家中使用的 SPA 强效面膜霜,可令肌肤紧致柔软。这款丰富的抗皱霜含有更高浓度的活性成分,可提供有针对性的营养和水分,使肌肤看起来更紧致。用作夜间面膜护理,使肤色更柔软、更容光焕发。



How To Use

Use as the last step for skincare routine. Apply a thin even layer as a face mask. For best results, use Gold Caviar Collagen Plus serum before mask cream.

Rating & Reviews

Gold Caviar Collagen Plus 面膜霜