The History of Whoo 拱辰乡君特别2件套


The History of Whoo Kun Special Set is a men's skincare set containing herbal medicinal ingredients to revitalize and care for rough skin. Kun Balancer and Kun Emulsion improves skin elasticity for a smooth and soft skin texture for mature skin. Wild Ginseng Cordyceps and White Gold protects the skin from environmental aggressors and provides anti-aging benefits.


Gongjinhyang Kun Nourishing Balancer for Men 140ml 
Nourishing Emulsion for Men 100ml  
Nourishing Balancer for Men 20ml 
Nourishing Emulsion for Men 20ml
Jayang Foam Cleanser 40ml

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Gongjinhyang 男性滋养平衡剂



  • Gongjinhyang Kun Nourishing Balancer for Men 140ml
  • 男士滋养乳液 100ml
  • 男士滋养平衡液 20ml
  • 男士滋养乳液 20ml
  • Jayang 泡沫洁面乳 40ml

How To Use

  • On wet skin, apply a dime-size amount of foam cleanser and gently lather into rich foam. Massage over face in circular motions and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Apply balancer onto cotton pad and gently apply on face with outward motion.
  • Apply Emulsion as last step of skincare routine.

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