Good Base Good Base 韩国红参和黑蒜


A healthy, convenient way to look after yourself even when you're on a busy schedule. Infused with 6-year red Panax ginseng root extract and honey to ease off the bitterness. Made with premium black garlic, red Panax ginseng, reishi mushroom extract, and sweet honey from South Korea- the liquid pouch helps you easily replenish daily nutrients and supports your overall well-being.

50 ml x 30 pouches



  • 没有并发症:没有更多的药丸或凌乱的粉末。纤巧、轻便和便携的小袋可方便地放入您的手提包、背包或行李箱中——让您在旅途中保持充满活力的生活方式。
  • 精心挑选的成分:我们在世界各地寻找最干净、最优质的成分,以促进女性健康和促进全身健康而不会带来不便。
  • 拥有超过 120 年的传承、传统和专业知识 - Goodbase 由世界排名第一的人参品牌 CheongKwanJang (KGC) 制成,该品牌以其不断创新的优质人参产品而闻名。

How To Use

Notice: Check each ingredient carefully for allergies and interactions. If pregnant, nursing or on medication, consult your physician prior to using this product. Vegetable matter may settle to the bottom; this is normal and does not affect the function or quality of the product. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, keep in a cool, dry place. Keep in a cool, dry place. Consume quickly after opening. Don't heat pouch in a microwave

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Good Base 韩国红参和黑蒜