Peripera 墨水心情哑光棒

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Featuring Ink Mood's Soufflé Matte Complex, this lightweight matte lipstick will keep your lips soft, moisturized and wrinkle free. With 8 MLBB shades ranging from nude pink to brick red, you can stay on trend with this long-lasting, non-drying formula.
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  • 哑光唇膏具有轻盈的蛋奶酥般质地,可舒适涂抹,打造柔软而不干燥的妆容。
  • 含有酯油和硅油,即使涂抹在产品上后,配方也能留在嘴唇上而不会结块。
  • 蕴含 plukenetia volubilis 种子油、Pongsil-Souffle Complex(含软凝胶粉)和龙舌兰叶提取物,具有保湿和滋养效果。
  • 配方可淡化细纹,打造光滑、色彩丰富的双唇。

How To Use

Apply directly onto your lips, starting from the center and gradually blend outwards.

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