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Peripera 墨丝绒+唇线笔套装

Receive a long-lasting lip look with peripera’s Ink Velvet + Lip Liner Set. This lightweight formula provides a rich color payoff with five alluring nude and earthy shades, leaving lips feeling soft and moisturized all day.


This Ink Velvet + Lip Liner Set contains:
Ink The Velvet Lip Tint 1 pc
Lip Liner 1 pc

$30.84 $15.42
50% Off


  • 唇彩和唇线笔特别套装有 2 种颜色,有助于打造大胆而引人注目的唇妆。
  • 在嘴唇上顺滑滑动,不会结块和结块。
  • 提供生动的色彩,很好地附着,以长时间保持华丽的唇妆而不会弄脏。

How To Use

1. Use the lip liner to outline the lip line and smudge the lip line to create a natural looking.
2. Apply the tint directly on lips to create a full lip look.

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