COVID19 KN95 呼吸器面罩 - 1 盒 20 片

FDA Certified and CE approved disposable KN95 respirator. This is a high defense disposable protective KN95 face masks. KN95 protection masks are suitable for respiratory protection from harmful particles in the air. It can effectively filter non-oily particles in the air, up to more than 95%. It adheres and covers from your nose to the chin to protect against droplets, dust, air pollutant, etc. KN95 masks are rated equivalently effective to perform like N95.
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经 FDA 认证和 CE 批准的一次性 KN95 呼吸器。这是一款高防一次性防护KN95口罩。 KN95防护口罩适用于空气中有害颗粒物的呼吸防护。能有效过滤空气中的非油性颗粒物,可达95%以上。它粘附并覆盖从您的鼻子到下巴,以防止飞沫、灰尘、空气污染物等。KN95 口罩的额定效果与 N95 相同。

KN95 Face Mask FDA

KN95 Face Mask FDA

KN95 Face Mask CE

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KN95 呼吸器面罩 - 1 盒 20 片