Kose Kose Clear Turn 精华面膜 30 片 - 维生素 C

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Kose Clear Turn Essence Mask White is formulated with highly-pure moisturizers and vitamin C to control melanin product and prevent darks spots and freckles. This Japanese face mask adheres to the skin with a close-fitting so the serum penetrates quickly deep into the stratum corneum.

30 PCS

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  • 含有高浓度维他命C的配方。面膜完美贴合,快速将美容液渗透至角质细胞层深处。
  • 抑制黑色素的生成,预防雀斑和斑点,打造透亮透亮的肌肤。

Product Type

Sheet Mask

How To Use

Use on clean skin after cleansing.
Remove the masks one by one from the OPEN side of the flap, pull out the left and right and spread the mask.
Fold back with the eyes of the sheet facing outward.
Position the eyes first, then align the mouth and then put it on the whole face, lightly hold it so that no air enters, let it close to the skin.
If you care about your eyes, close the eyes as closely wrapped at the last part.
When using it on your eyes, close your eyes to ensure that the liquid will not come into your eyes.
Take the mask as it is after about 5 minutes.
After that, rub the essence remaining on your skin with the palm of your hand.
If you are concerned about drying, it is more effective if you leave it for about 10 minutes.


Placenta GL, hyaluronic acid GL , highly concentrated vitamin C, collagen GL , coenzyme Q10 ,

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Kose Clear Turn 精华面膜 30 片 - 维生素 C