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Mizline Mizline Leg Beauty Let's Diet 紧身裤

A way to show off your legs' beauty with a simple wear! Now, create your slim lines easily without any hard diet.

Color: Black
Size: FREE
Height: 150cm-175cm
Hip Girth: 85-100cm

$34.85 $9.74
72% Off


Leg Beauty Let's Diet打底裤是一款新概念减肥服,内含专利功能性粉体,远红外线热量刺激体脂,促进血液循环,帮助您减脂。此外,该产品还含有食品和药物管理局批准的抗菌植物杀菌素,因此对治疗、除臭和缓解压力有效。

How To Use

Roll lower part of the product and wear it by slowly moving it up. Put hands inside the product and straightens hip area and line.

Rating & Reviews

Mizline Leg Beauty Let's Diet 紧身裤