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ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull 胶原蛋白面部喷雾 50ml

Portable facial mist spray supplies moisture and elasticity care anytime, anywhere. Now with Micro-Collagen content for elasticity care. Soothing facial mist formulated with Baobab Fruit extract and Hydrolyzed Collagen to supply moisture and elasticity care to skin.

1.69 fl.oz/50ml



便携式面部喷雾随时随地提供水分和紧致护理。现在含有 5% 的微胶原蛋白,用于弹性护理。含有猴面包树果实提取物 (44.7%) 和水解胶原蛋白 (23.6%) 的舒缓面部喷雾,为肌肤提供水分和弹性护理。

Skin Concern


How To Use

After facial cleansing, or when your skin feels dry, lightly spray onto face with eyes closed from a distance of 20-30cm. Gently pat face for absorption. Do not spray into eyes.

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Moistfull 胶原蛋白面部喷雾 50ml