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ETUDE HOUSE 我的美容工具贴纸假睫毛 - 1

Sticker type fake eyelashes that can be peeled on and off easily


et-sticker-fake-lash-1.jpg et-sticker-fake-lash-2.jpg

How To Use

1. Detach the sticker from a holder gently. (Recommend to use pinset) 2. Put it on from the middle to end of your eye lash area 3. After using it, keep it on your lash holder for the next time. 4. If your sticker loses its stickiness, wash it with water then dry it with hairdryer slightly. (If the lash is too mach longer than your own, cut it to fit on your own lashes)

Rating & Reviews

我的美容工具贴纸假睫毛 - 1