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Oshima 大岛椿山茶花护发油

A multi-purpose oil for hair, scalp and skin. OSHIMA TSUBAKI is a fragrance- and colorant-free all-natural, plant-based oil. It is 100% natural camellia oil made only from camellia oil that meets OSHIMA TSUBAKI’s high standards. It contains an abundance of triolein, which is also a component of human sebum.





适用于头发、头皮和皮肤的多用途油。 OSHIMA TSUBAKI 是一种不含香料和色素的纯天然植物油。 100%纯天然山茶油,仅使用符合大岛椿高标准的山茶油。它含有丰富的三油酸甘油酯,这也是人体皮脂的组成部分。这使得它对皮肤温和,在头发和皮肤上自然融合。独创精制技术,去腥去粘。由于油也不易氧化,因此可以愉快地使用到最后一滴。

How To Use

1. Towel-dry your hair after shampooing.
2. Take one drop of OSHIMA TSUBAKI oil onto your palm and rub your hands together to spread the oil evenly.
3. Run your fingers through your hair and apply the oil lightly through the length of your hair.
4. Blow-dry your hair.

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